Brown’s Brand

Until now, my focus on writing has been on writing. I’ve freed time to actually market my books, realizing that’s it’s more fun and rewarding if people can find and read them. One thing I learned recently is that I need a brand; something that readers could understand, be attracted to and want to explore my work. As you may have noticed, I don’t have a classic genre to define what I do.

I’ve done a fair amount of teaching, in academia (junior college to graduate school and in professional school training), and run corporate and contracted workshops. I figure part of my brand should including teaching something to somebody.

I’ve been interested in the meaning of life pretty much since I fully understood death. That should be included.

I’ve also focused on the importance of each individual expressing and enjoying that individuality. Add that in too.

And, I think life should be fun, continuous learning, friendly, supportive and all the other humanistic characterizations that make a successful three-score and ten.

So, my current brand is “presenting tools and ideas you should have learned in high school but probably didn’t.”

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