Out of print, but new version out mid 2018

This simple booklet is an entry point for the most marvelous of tasks, enabling a young person to grow up proud and strong, a leader and yet a follower when need be, someone who will cry out against injustice, someone who will know how to do the right thing.

It is not easy. Children are distractible, teenagers are impulsive, and young adults are self-absorbed. They were described this way 2,000 years ago and will be described the same way 2,000 years after we’re gone.

Keepers of the Game, a nonprofit organization, partially supported with a grant from the United States Golf Association, took a look at the best thinking in character development and created a set of surveys that measure the core elements of character development.

This booklet outlines what character is and how organizations can foster character development. But the real benefit of this kit is in using the survey tools that you can download from the internet. With these tools you can evaluate a program your children are in, or can evaluate your organization’s program to decide where you can make improvements.