Review: Cruising Alaska on a Budget

My first and only cruise was on the RMS Carinthia, from Montreal to Liverpool and back during the summer of 1956. On the return we ran into a hurricane, during which my brother was the only passenger to sit in the dining room waiting for dinner while the rest of us wished for an early death to end the suffering from motion sickness. Melinda Brasher’s well-written Cruising Alaska on a Budget has convinced me to give cruising another try. Maybe ships are better now.

Every sentence informed. Organization was perfect. Suggestions and resources were on the mark; even to the point of warning of uneven pavement on one of the recommended walks. Only flaw, and this was due to the book’s organization, is repetition, especially in describing the animals that might be encountered. But this was totally unimportant. And a little more of Melinda’s personal experiences would have been a nice addition, as one reviewer suggested.

As a seasoned traveler, I’ve studied many guide books. This one ranks at the top: clear, concise, friendly and comprehensive. If you’re thinking about visiting Alaska, this is the place to start. Well done, Melinda.

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