Review: Not for the Faint of Heart

Ever wonder what happens during international peace negotiations? Who are these people and what do they do? Wendy Sherman shares her experience as the chief U.S. negotiator in the Iran nuclear arms negotiations with four other countries. This was the agreement that President Trump declined to renew.

Over about four years, hundreds of people and countless meetings in as many towns and cities, the deal was finally worked out. It didn’t seem possible as I was reading, even though it was possible because I knew it happened. Six countries with sometimes opposing agendas. Posturing. Threats. Deceit. Even childish behavior and yet it still worked. She portrayed the delicacy of the agreement process, never sure a “yes” on Tuesday would endure until Friday. After all was wrapped up, it still had to survive the political process back home, where it eventually succumbed while still doing the job.

One lesson for me; don’t ever assume you know what is happening on the international stage because you don’t, not even close. If you want to have at least an informed opinion, read this book.

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