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This blog is to connect better with readers, potential readers, and fellow writers. I began writing in junior high school when some buddies and I produced a newspaper called “The Daily Censored” with the motto “All the news that fits, we print.”

I first wrote for money about forty years ago, the magazine paid me $100 as a kill fee for the article I wrote and they didn’t print.

In 1992 I quit my day job, sold the house and car, and moved to St. Andrews, Scotland to begin my writing career. It’s been a delightful struggle since.

To date, I’ve written quite a few articles and am about to publish my fourth novel and nineteenth book. My First Ten Days in Heaven should be out in a few weeks.

This year I’ll turn 72 and want to enjoy writing, writers, and readers as much as I can before I conk out.

I hope to present ideas, examine what I have written, and discuss your ideas. I also plan to send out a very occasional newsletter; so sign up if you wish.

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